Customized studies

The dynamic industry developments and their impact on consumer behavior are tracked and detailed in our hands-on flash studies

Our flash studies decipher the mysteries of the future so that our clients may further gain insights of the unknown. These refined researches cover a wide range of topics within the food & beverage industry such as fermentation, the future of bread, snacking, plant-based meat etc. that are foremost on the minds of stake holders.

Findings of such research are comprehensive in nature due to our customized methodology that delves deep into consumer behaviour pattern (both hyper local & global), as well as field research which renders it possible for our client companies to adapt, re-align with upcoming market & consumer pattern, and even create a new product.


The Future of Ice Creams

The profound social, societal and culinary evolutions in the food sector have led brands and their manufacturers to develop new innovation strategies to respond to an increasingly complex and protean demand. In tune with their ecosystem of expression, these innovations involve all aspects of the food act, from taste satisfaction to the discourse surrounding the product and giving it its raison d’être. Understanding the dynamics of this evolution is essential to know what strategy to adopt in a market that is in full transformation.