Beyond Insights

Evaluate your Food products through our
AI Platform & Algorithms

How do you rate, rank and compare your food assets to those of your competitors? How do you value a Food asset? How do you assess its growth potential and opportunity?

Through our proprietary Food-VXTM software and Food Asset Valuation Model (FAVM), we deliver the most comprehensive and actionable evaluation of food assets.  Our quantitative Indexes, Innovation Spaces and Matrix enables us to assess each Food asset on multiple Metrics. And our proprietary set of ‘behavioral bricks’ capture and quantify the consumer “behavioral surplus”.

Our Solutions


A Independent 3rd Party Audit for your Food Asset.

Full Audit & Due Diligence

Includes the quantitative assessment of the food asset, its positioning in its product family & competitive landscape, its Behavioural Profile, the Ecosystem & Innovation Spaces, followed by the diagnostic of the Strengths, Misalignments, Cognitive dissonances.

IDEAL FOR: F&B Companies

Mini Audit

A flash/snapshot version of the Full Audit, a Mini Audit touches upon some of the essential analytics & the key highlights of the quantitative & qualitative assessment without going into the full mapping of the Ecosystem & Consumer Behavioural Bricks.

It is the ideal product to get a bird’s eye diagnosis of your food product & to get acquainted with our methodology, understand the audit process & the various capabilities in action

IDEAL FOR: F&B Companies

Portfolio Audit

To audit one or more food products on an Investor’s Portfolio or the coherence of the Portfolio as a whole.

As new themes, narratives, ideas shape what the consumers eat, a Portfolio Audit enables the F&B Industry investors to check the health of one or more of food products/assets in their portfolio and stay ahead of dynamic consumer preferences.

IDEAL FOR: Investors (VC, PE)



A SaaS Platform for every stakeholder in the F&B Industry.

The First Global Ratings, Rankings & Valuations  of Food Products Worldwide

From food & beverage Companies to Investors to the curious Industry Watchers, this semi open access platform disseminates ideas & numbers beyond insights.

Get Consumer Behavioural Bricks & AI-backed analytics about a product, a product family or the general F&B Industry overview through a combination of academia & business.