Beyond Insights

Optimize your food asset or brand through our "Mesh Topology",
Generative AI & Product Prototyping

What is Mesh TopologyTM?

The “Mesh Topology” is a proprietary tool that facilitates the reformulation, redistribution & re-alignments of the Food Asset to better position it in its family of products or ecosystem.


Our Solutions


Unlock the power of AI, Generative AI & Mesh Topology to optimize the design of your Food asset: from the semantic & emotional footprint to the organoleptic profile, shapes & colors of the packaging.

Based on the quantitative assessment, we design new products or optimize the design of existing food products. To do so, our software activates specific “behavioral bricks” and innovation spaces to capture the consumer “behavioral surplus”.


Redesign the Marketing mix of your Food asset with the results from our Mesh network analysis. Our solutions not only helps to understand how consumers make decisions about how and what they eat, but activate the most relevant “Behavioral Bricks” to design successful and sustainable food products.

This empowers Food companies to be able to assess quantitatively the impact of the optimized design on the brand equity, future sales, and ultimately the ROI.  In essence, our AI and behavioral science platform for food product design helps companies innovate new items that are more aligned with consumer preferences and ultimately increase their chance of success in the marketplace.



Evaluate your food asset’s return on investment in specific markets through a AI & Predictive Analytics powered simulation


Enables a global expansion of food assets by assessing the different regions for its adaptability.