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The Future of Plant-Based Meat

Although herbivorous humans have been around for a while, in the last decade, a new wave of meatless meat products has swept the food industry, populating the supermarket shelves with a plethora of options meant to cater not only to the aforementioned herbivores but also to the meat-toothed.


Pink Passion : Rosé on the rise as millennials dictate new wine codes

Every July in New York City, thousands of partygoers gather on the lawns of Randall’s Island Park for a huge “Pinknic”. A regular event since 2016, the two-day festival brings together foodies, musicians, chefs and more, all dedicated to celebrating the summer with a fresh glass of rosé wine in hand. “Save water, drink rosé”, banners read, and the participants do!


Food Innovation Category: Gastro Street Food


It is no news that K-wave is sweeping the globe. A decade ago, not many people knew of the Korean pop-culture but today, Squid Game, K-dramas and K-Pop sensations BTS & Blackpink are all household names everywhere. And of course, where there’s pop-culture, there’s food. Incidences indicate a further rise in the popularity, adoption and culinarization of the humble Korean Bibimbap and our analytics platform justifies why.



The convergence of bakery & pastry: Often clearly demarcated in the past, the border between bakery and pastry-making appears to be scrambling. The colors, softness of the crust and crumb, customizations, the codes of pastry are percolating into bakery more and more, giving rise to a novel amalgamation.


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